Outsmart your friends & rebel against the rules!

Clever rule making and strategy is all part of the game where anything can happen. Wildly unpredictable deck of cards cleverly designed to add outrageous scenarios to mass appeal card games such as:

  • President
  • Rummy
  • Crazy Eights
  • Monopoly Deal
  • Uno

Five Card Games in 1!

Rule Rebel cards are played together with a standard deck of cards, Monopoly Deal deck, or Uno set.

Be the life of the party!

All of the Cool Kids are doing it!

"Such an easy game to learn, and the new Action cards are fantastic" - Joanne S., Boston

"Makes Monopoly So Exciting, what a great idea!" - Sara J., Illinois

"These Rules are just BRILLIANT" - Glen T., Wisconsin

It's Simple! Just open the box, deal the cards and play the games everyone already knows how to play! No need for long drawn out instructions or learning a new game.

What's Included? Steal, swap, force a raw deal, take a free ride, stick it to the man, and even have a power outage. Each card has a rule side and a rebel action side that changes the rules of the game.

Challenge your friends to the games they think they have mastered. Played in family rooms and college campuses across the country, join the phenomenon and be the rebel or bring the rule…buy Rule Rebel Cards and get your friends in the know.

Show Your Character! Show your clever rule making skills and witty character as you think on your feet with every unpredictable twist.

How to Play Rule Rebel

Rule Rebel Card are played together with popular card game such as Monopoly Deal, President (a.k.a. Scum, Asshole, Rich Man Poor Man, Bum, Landlord, Emperors and Scum, Root Beer, Butthead, or Capitalism), Uno, Crazy Eights (a.k.a. Crates, Switch, Swedish Rummy, Last One or Rockaway), 500 Rummy, or Rummy. . So you will need a standard playing card deck, Uno Deck, or Monopoly Deal deck to play the Rule Rebel Cards.

There are 54 total cards in the Rule Rebel deck. Included in the deck are four Fundamentals/Instruction cards and 50 Rule Rebel cards. There is a Rule side and Rebel side to each of the 50 Rule Rebel cards in the Rule Rebel deck.

The Rule side of each card is what is followed as an overall rule to the game. An example Rule would be, "Discard Penalty: Players must draw the bottom card of the discard pile if they discard a card with the same value as the top card of the discard pile."
The Rebel side of each card is what players use as an action card during the game. An example Rebel would be, "Steal Two: Steal 2 cards from one player's hand of table."

How to Play Rule Rebel with Monopoly Deal

How to Start Rule Rebel

  1. In each game one player is the Dealer and one player is the Ruler.
  2. The Dealer is the player who deals out the deck of playing cards (Standard deck of cards, Uno Cards, or Monopoly Deal deck) according to the game you are playing(President, Asshole, Rummy, Crazy Eights, Uno, Monopoly Deal, etc.). The Dealer should rotate as normal per the game being played.
  3. The dealer of the Rule Rebel cards for each round is known as the Ruler. The Ruler rotates clockwise each game.
  4. The Ruler should always shuffle, deal, and read the Rule Rebel cards before the Dealer deals out the playing cards.
  5. To begin, the Ruler shuffles the Rule Rebel deck and deals out 1 card to each player face down. This will be the Rebel action card each player must use during that game.
  6. The Ruler then flips over the next card of the Rule Rebel deck face up and reads the rule out loud. This is the rule that will be followed for the game.
  7. The Dealer then shuffles and deals out the other deck of playing card according to the game you are playing.

How to Play Rule Rebel with Playing Cards

How to Win Rule Rebel

To win the game when playing with Rule Rebel Cards, the player must play their Rebel card before they win. The winner of the game follows the objective of the game they are playing. For example, in President, the winner is the first to get rid of all of their cards. In Monopoly Deal, the winner is the player who completes 3 full property sets. Before a player can win when playing with Rule Rebel cards, the rebel card must be played before the end of the players winning turn. If a player has won the game and has not played their Rebel card before winning, they automatically lose and the game continues for the other players.

Rule Rebel Cards can be Played 3 Ways

1. Rebel Cards Only: Only play using the Rebel side of the card as action cards dealt out to each player at the beginning of each game.

2. Rule Cards Only: Just play the Rule side of the cards by applying a new rule to each round of the game you are playing. You could choose to use a new rule at the beginning of each game to be played for the entire game or add in new rules ever so often where the old rule gets replaced by the new rule or is an addition to the old rule. It is up to you

3. Rule & Rebel Cards: Play both the Rule and Rebel side of the cards during each game. This is fantastic for experts that have mastered their favorite card game adding additional twist and strategy options to outwit their opponents!

Games Played with Rule Rebel